Bash scripts to start and stop Apache Tomcat

Introduction In attempting to convert my Java knowledge into a web technology, i.e. learning Java web applications I have found that starting and stopping Apache Tomcat with the commands “/Library/Tomcat/bin/” and “/Library/Tomcat/bin/” (on MacOS) a little long winded for my memory. Solution By creating two simple bash scripts I can now start and stop Continue reading

WordPress Plugin: Lastfm Album Shortcode

WordPress GitHub Introduction If you are a music blogger, you will most likely be aware of the time consuming process of adding album specific information to blog posts. Although album artwork, album description, track listings and track times are easy to come across, everything needs to be re-produced precisely and in a consistent manor with Continue reading

WordPress plugin: Google Maps Shortcode

WordPress GitHub Introduction Do you have a shop or business premises that you want to help people find? Maybe you host regular events at a set of venus; perhaps Google Maps Shortcode could help you advertise the locations. Simply add the googlemap shortcode to your desired WordPress page or blog post, enter the address information in Continue reading

WordPress Plugin: GitHub Repo Shotcode

WordPress GitHub Introduction Are you a programmer who uses GitHub? Do you want to add information about a repository to your WordPress powered blog? If you answered yes to the above then ‘GitHub Repo Shortcode’ may be for you. This plugin utilises the GitHub API to retrieve information about a repository and display information about Continue reading

OOP: Instance variables, Class variables & Local variables

Introduction Variables form an essential part of every application for storing, retrieving and generating dynamic data. In OOP (Object-Oriented Programming) there are three main types of variables which provide slightly different functionality; Instance variables, Class variables and Local variables. Instance variables An instance variable is a variable associated Continue reading